Marine Environment

Marine Environmental Advisory

NorMar Solutions offers a wide range of marine environmental services to help you improve efficiency and prevent damage to the environment through measurements, monitoring and predictive calculations.
We aim for excellence, and constantly challenge ourselves and our methods to improve our service. We do this through innovation, by integrating new technological advances and challenging processes and ideas. With dedicated specialists and ongoing research programmes, we manage challenging projects and provide expert advice.

Our marine environmental advisory services address a wide range of topics including:

  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Environmental monitoring and analysis
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Marine ecology
  • Water quality
  • Environmental management
  • Marine water and fauna sampling
  • Habitat/biotope mapping
  • Protected habitat surveys
  • Coastal marine surveys
  • Deepwater ecology surveys
  • Fish and shellfish ecology
  • Geographical information systems

Marine Environmental Consultancy in relation with Oil and Gas Industry

  • Mapping of environmental conditions, vulnerable resources and fishery
  • Emergency preparedness and oil spill response planning
  • Oil drift simulations
  • Oil spill contingency analysis
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Discharge permits and consents
  • Drilling discharges and the impact on marine ecosystem
  • Environmental permits and consents
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Nadia Aarab
Marine Environmental Advisor

Tel: +47 47 82 33 80